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Margaret Lloyd-Jones Evans Jones

"Aunt Margaret"

JANUARY 13, 1835 - JANUARY 11, 1914

Margaret was the third child, first-born daughter of Richard and Mallie Lloyd-Jones. She lived in Wales until 1844 when she moved to America with her parents and six siblings


Her first husband, Thomas Evans, was a Spring Green man and the young couple lived in Old Helena before settling at York, Minnesota. There they lived the life of true pioneers, there their two sons, Orren and Charles, were born, and there Thomas Evans died, leaving Margaret a young widow with two small sons to care for.

Margaret returned to her family who had now established themselves in the valley south of the Wisconsin River. Margaret's youngest son, Charlie Evans (1860- 1883), drowned trying to rescue a companion who had fallen through the ice of Lake Pepin. Three years later, her oldest son, Orren Evans (1860-1886) died of throat cancer, leaving his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Orrena.

Margaret eventually met and, in 1873, married Thomas B. Jones. The Lloyd-Jones family already had a Thomas (Uncle Thomas, the family builder) so Thomas B. came to be known as Uncle Jones. Uncle Jones had 10 children with two previous wives, only six of whom lived to adulthood. After the marriage, Aunt Margaret took care of the children who remained at home. Uncle Jones owned a shop in Arena and they all helped farm in the Valley.


Aunt Margaret's youngest brother, Enos, eventually struck up a relationship with the eldest daughter, Eleanor, of Uncle Jones and his second wife. Enos and Eleanor married and bought a farm near his parents' farm. When Uncle Jones died in 1892, her brother and step-daughter, Enos and Eleanor, cut an acre of land out of their farm on which Aunt Margaret could have a house built. Uncle Thomas came across the road and built it. 

The house was completed in 1892 and Margaret moved in just before Christmas of that year. David Timothy, the family stone mason, built the surround for the fireplace which he completed in February of 1893. After the husband of Annie, Eleanor's sister, died, Annie moved in with Margaret. When Margaret died in 1914, Annie took over ownership of the house.

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